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December 2017

Establishing Normal: 3 steps to creating a routine after change

Being a military wife and raising a large family, I need routine. Creating a routine makes sense to me. That is the only way I can make sure homework is done, date night happens, dinner is cooked, and everyone goes it to bed on time. Over the years, I have spent considerable time establishing routines that work for our family. But just when I have a system all worked out, change happens. There are times change is an unwelcomed visitor. We would make plans only to have them altered by people and situations out[...]

Raising Men: 3 moms who encourage me on this boymom journey

Never did I think that I would have the opportunity to have four children, let alone four sons. But here I am-Queen of my pack. Let me just say, raising only males has not been an easy task. In a house with filled with testosterone, there are some days I am just trying to make it through the fart jokes, flips off the furniture and loud noises. Communication can get a little short, and I might get called emotional one too many times. But then there are other moments of gentleness, strength, resiliency that tou[...]

Saturday Morning Surprises

Waking up on Saturday morning after my birthday, I had my plan for the day all mapped out in my head. Go out to eat breakfast with the family, one quick errand and then back to the house. Once home we would put up the Christmas tree, make cookies with the kids, and then watch a movie cuddled on the couch with my hubby. I looked forward to this day of rest and family time all week. I was determined to enjoy Pressing Pause in the now. After finishing our breakfast, my hubby started driving in the opposite dire[...]