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February 2018

Taking care of me: 3 ways to create a self-care routine

Wife. Momma. Educator. Friend. Volunteer. Are you like me? Life is busy, and my list could go on and on of all the ways that I pour out into others. Most days I don’t even give much thought to how what I am doing for others impacts me because I enjoy what I do and it is fulfilling. That is until I find myself running on fumes. Immediately, I start to notice that my conversation and tone are short, and my patience is thin. All of this happens when I fail to take care of me in the process of taking of e[...]

In the face of doubt: A mother’s miracle

Cries. No sound compared. He was here. Breathing. Moving. Crying. Our blessing. It didn’t seem so long ago we were sitting at the doctor’s office listening to their doubts of his survival. Cradled in my hubby's arm, I listened as they tried to prepare me. The doctor began explaining the risks and possible problems we might endure, ultimately expecting me to miscarry. Fear gripped my heart while tears began to flow freely from my eyes. My mind replayed the doctor’s words—“low chance of survival[...]