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Safe Spaces: 3 ways to improve communication with your spouse and children

Do you remember the last time your spouse or kid felt frustrated, annoyed, or irritated by your response?

How did he/she respond?

Did he withdraw his heart? Did you find yourself reacting instead of responding?

Creating safe spaces where those we love want to talk often starts with the environment we create.

When our spouse and children feel that they are in a relational safe space, they are more likely to talk about their emotions, hopes and fears. Our communication with them feels less like an interrogation causing their hearts to be open and the environment is peaceful.

Today on Midweek three, I am talking about 3 ways to improve communication communication with your spouse and your children.

Check out the video below.

What does this look like?

Here are a few ways to create safe space at home with your spouse and/or kids.

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4 comments on “Safe Spaces: 3 ways to improve communication with your spouse and children

  1. “Their WORDS matter. Their PERSPECTIVE matters.” Such an important point to drive home in the hearts of those special people around us!

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Yes!!!! Sometimes we get so caught up trying to prove our point and be heard that we stop hearing those who matter most around us.

  2. the share vs talk about <3 thank you thank you

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