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May 2018

Embracing Now: 3 fun ways to enjoy your summer

“Summer, Summer, Summertime!" It’s official! Our household is now on summer break. For the next ten weeks, our family will be in full summertime mode. Needless to say, this momma has been counting down the days until we completed this school year. I love summer. No matter how old you are, where you live, or how busy you are, something is exciting about the summer. Maybe it’s the idea of spending countless hours out in the sun, enjoying sweet watermelon at another cookout, or a cold popsicle on a hot day[...]

Fresh starts: 3 savvy ways to navigate new seasons

If you stop to reflect on your current season right now, what would you say? Just pause and think about that. Are you: buying a new house? starting a new job? getting ready for marriage? raising small children? celebrating your last kid graduating from school? deciding what to do next? recovering from a broken heart? Starting fresh can stir up all sorts of emotions. Some of these changes are exciting life events that we want to capture in pictures and Christmas ornaments. Other events shake u[...]

Open Heart: 3 Steps to let go of bitterness so you can live a full life

I don’t think anyone wakes up and decides to live a life full of bitterness. No, we dream of lives full of love, joy, and fullness. But somewhere along the way, those dreams get derailed, and pain begins to take center stage. So where does it start? Bitterness is merely anger unchecked. Usually, it starts with some form of offense, whether intentional or not, we allow to grow. Over time that hurt, when unforgiven, becomes anger evolving into bitterness. It subtly grows with each conversation we repeat[...]

Regaining Hope: 3 way to hold to hope when life is hard

This is not the way my life was supposed to go. Have you ever said this to yourself? Or maybe just me. We all have hope for our lives. Maybe it’s you—the wife. Sitting on the couch feeling isolated from your husband. Sleeping in the same home together but living two different lives. You don’t even recognize the couple you have become. This was not the way you hoped your marriage would be. Or are you the mom who no longer recognizes your child? You sit looking at baby pictures remembering all your ho[...]

Home Haven: 3 steps to set the atmosphere in your home

Early in my marriage, I really had little idea just how much I influenced my home and family. I was so focused on trying to control everything and everyone. I had my routines and organizational systems in place that everyone was expected to follow. These things were only superficial ways that I was trying to control my home, but it did little to help me create the type of atmosphere in my home I really wanted. My heart desired a God-centered home where there was love and peace. Yet, my fussing because the[...]