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October 2018

Work life: 3 boundaries to help improve productivity when you work from home

Working from home is such a blessing. For the last five years I've had the joy and privilege to instruct the next generation of teachers often from the privacy of my home as a college professor. Never did I think I would be working solely from home, but what a great opportunity it has been. When I first started working from home, my youngest son was only four years old. At that point, my fellas had NO idea what working from home meant. Making the adjustment from working outside the home to a stay-at-home mom[...]

Everyday strength: 3 building blocks to a healthier you

Okay, before you decide this is just another article about working out let me tell you—it’s not. Too often we equate living a healthier life to losing weight. Being the healthiest version of ourselves takes place in how we choose to build our spirits, our minds, and our bodies. Let’s be willing to tear down the unhealthy mindsets and beliefs that have become the blocks we use to build our identity. So what can you do today to build a healthier you? I don’t have all the answers, but I can share with[...]

Everyday moments: 3 quick ways to refresh your marriage today

Let’s be honest! Any marriage can become stale and stagnant. It takes effort to refresh your marriage and keep it growing.. From the demands of my husband’s work schedule, our boys’ extracurricular activities, and my full-time job, some days we are just trying to get through the day. There’s homework, check.Laundry, check.Bills, check. The list may be done, but connecting as a husband and wife becomes a little trickier. Making our marriages stronger, more intimate and more secure doesn’t have to fee[...]

Mommy Meltdown: 3 tips for shaking off mom guilt

Hey momma! You woke up today full of good intention. Sure, you meant to be patient. You meant to speak kindly. I am sure you meant to be present and treat each moment as a gift. Oh, yes! Your intentions were so good. Then you stepped out the bed. Off in the distance, you hear the dreaded crash followed by an “uh oh.” Maybe it was that moment you knew today was going to be a challenge. Nah, it could have been the three hours of sleep you had because you were up breastfeeding the baby and you haven’t h[...]