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School time: 3 strategies to empower children to take ownership of their learning

It’s back to school time. Stores are full of parents are who torn between enthusiasm and exhaustion. Walking around with school lists on their screens, they are the ones trying to herd children lulled to colorful “must haves” not on the list. With energy poured into preparing for school to start, we often miss creating the environment to help our children succeed for the new school year. Most of us usually plan to continue the routines we had the year before. Sometimes that works, until it doesn’t.[...]

Motherhood Joy: 3 ways to replenish your heart when you face mom burnout

Hey mama, I know all too well that life is tough. You want to be a “good” mom, do your best for your kids, and be a loving wife. But it’s not always that easy. I get it. Several years ago, I was a young mother with three sons (one a newborn) in a new city with little support while my hubby was on deployment. As if that was not enough, I had recently transitioned out of my career to embrace being a stay-at-home mom. (Talk about significant life changes). Between potty training, breastfeeding, and home[...]

A simple box

There it was in the living room, a simple brown cardboard box. At one point in this boxes life, it was privilege to house generations of pictures of our family. Now, it was tossed to the side, prepared to meet its next phase in life—recycling. I left it there in the living room, totally expecting to return to it later that evening to send it to its next destination. Upon returning to the room, what do I find? Three boys who have turned the once useless box into a castle in which they were knights protect[...]