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Raising Men: 3 moms who encourage me on this boymom journey

Never did I think that I would have the opportunity to have four children, let alone four sons. But here I am-Queen of my pack. Let me just say, raising only males has not been an easy task. In a house with filled with testosterone, there are some days I am just trying to make it through the fart jokes, flips off the furniture and loud noises. Communication can get a little short, and I might get called emotional one too many times. But then there are other moments of gentleness, strength, resiliency that touch my heart for the men they are becoming.

The more sons we had, the more I knew I needed help and guidance from other boy moms. Since I didn’t know many moms who had only sons personally, I started praying for women who I could learn from even if it meant from a distance. I wanted to learn from moms who embraced their identity in Christ, women who saw motherhood as a ministry, women who were authentic, women who were raising their sons to be men, and women who enjoyed being feminine.

So for all the other boy moms out there, I thought I would share the three moms that have helped encourage me along this motherhood journey while raising our sons to be men. Maybe they will inspire you too.

1. Lisa Bevere

When I first started praying for other moms of sons in my life, I began with wanting a seasoned mom. A mom who has been there, done that, and continues to enjoy motherhood. A mom who has older sons who could offer wisdom and guidance. Lisa Bevere has been that mom of men for me.

Listening to her talk about her life as a mom of four sons, who are now all adults, I was drawn to how she embraced raising their sons to be men of God. Her transparency about the journey encouraged me, especially when I hit some challenges in parenting. But I was also drawn to how her view of her identity in Christ overflows to her role as a mother. I realized I am a better mother when I am rooted in Christ.

2. Alli Worthington

I stumbled upon Alli one day when I found her book Breaking Busy. As soon as I saw the title, I wanted to know more about the book and the author. That is when I learned Alli is a mom to five sons (yes, five). Her sense of humor is totally relatable. From her movie reviews with her sons to their Sunday car selfies, she shows the real, everyday side of motherhood.  Whether reading her books or watching her speak, Alli often provides practical ways to help raise our children to be leaders, dreamers, and believers of Christ. Whenever I read her writing, I walk away with resources I can implement without feeling overwhelmed and underqualified. She reminds me to savor the moments.

3. Havilah Cunnington

I love Havilah’s spunk and candor whether she is in the pulpit preaching or talking about her four sons. There is so much that I have learned about my walk with Christ, motherhood, and taking bold steps of faith from her writings and speaking engagements. I first learned about Havilah from Mom’s of Men ecourse with Lisa Bevere. Just seeing the promotion for this resource, I knew it was calling my name. From pride to puberty, these two ladies address it all. Plus, her other resources at Truth to Table speak directly to my heart.

These are just a few of the women who have and continue to help me in motherhood. They reminded I am not alone, what I am going through is normal, and fart jokes come along with the territory.

What boymom inspires you?

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