Saturday Morning Surprises

Waking up on Saturday morning after my birthday, I had my plan for the day all mapped out in my head. Go out to eat breakfast with the family, one quick errand and then back to the house. Once home we would put up the Christmas tree, make cookies with the kids, and then watch a movie cuddled on the couch with my hubby. I looked forward to this day of rest and family time all week. I was determined to enjoy Pressing Pause in the now.

After finishing our breakfast, my hubby started driving in the opposite direction of the errands we had discussed. The more he drove in the wrong direction, the more agitated I became. What was he doing? Where were we going? This was not the plan. Now it would have been nice if I kept these as thoughts in my head, but I didn’t. Looking over at him in the driver seat, I fired question after question trying to figure out why we were not going back home. Ugh!

When he does respond to my rapid questioning, he tells me we need to stop for gas as he pulls into the gas station. I sit there trying to replay our conversation the night before to see if I missed anything. Did we talk about going somewhere else and I was just too tired to remember?

Climbing into the vehicle, we drive into the parking lot next to the gas station and he parks the car. Now I am really getting frustrated. What is he doing?

img_2337Looking around, I catch a glimpse of a friend and I immediately look over at my grinning hubby. “C’mon,” he says while getting out the car. As soon as he opens the door to the pottery store, I hear a joyful “Surprise”. Standing in front of me were women who are my friends, my community, my family, my Sisterhood.

For a moment, I stood frozen. In awe that my hubby and these ladies had been planning for weeks to create a surprise birthday party for me. Tears flowed down my cheeks. Yes, I cried tears of joy for this beautiful moment with each of these ladies.

But it was more.

These tears held my praise for a faithful God who answered the quiet plea of a broken and lonely woman.

When I prayed for community years ago, I had no idea that it would manifest in this way. It is above what I ever thought I would get to experience in my lifetime. My heart was overflowing with gratitude.

But this moment did not just happen.img_2343

My prayers were the first step in continuing to cultivate my relationships and willingness to grow new ones. I also had to choose to participate in what God wanted to do in my life. Decisions had to be made if I was going to develop a healthy support system and be a better friend in the relationships already present in my life.

Instead of wearing the mask of perfection, I would be authentic.
Instead of pulling away, I would be present.
Instead of focusing on what I felt was missing, I would be thankful.
Instead of being consumed with the fear of rejection, I would take steps in faith.
Instead of waiting for things to happen, I would be intentional in creating space.
Instead of avoiding the messy parts, I would be willing to have the hard talks.

img_2314The journey to build healthy friendships has not always been easy; however, it has been worth every moment. Thank each of you for believing with me, for holding me when I was at my lowest, for being my friends.  I would not trade one part of the journey.  Thank you all for the love sent my way to celebrate my birthday.  I am truly thankful!

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5 comments on “Saturday Morning Surprises

  1. Tanisha Rhenàe

    Seriously cried reading this. Love you, Mamie! Thank you for being a friend, sister and mentor. Thank you for saying yes to God. And most importantly thank you for being you! You deserved it!

  2. Latascha Williamson


  3. Denise Sutton

    Wow this has touched me so much! I am guilty of pulling away and go back into my hold where it is safe. I lost so many friends because they were takers and I got tired of people using me and bouncing because they have gotten what they wanted from me and it gutted and I cried and then I started building a wall around me because I got tired of rejection. That particular part of the wall was not healthy because I suffered from depression and it sucked me in and then I was bullied by co-workers because I refused to comform to do what was wrong, I refused to turn my back on others that they didn’t like. I had to stand up for what I know best is to Love. I prayed and I prayed harder each day. The depression got heavy and I cried almost everyday and I experience medical issues that cause tremors in my hand and a what doctors called dissociation seizures. While dealing with this I lost my grandmother who I lived with over half my life; the most closest thing to me and my husband was deployed ( which didn’t make it easy because it caused moments in our marriage) I stayed on my knees and prayed hardier and at most time when the girls was sleep I lashed out in heavy tears while praying and reading the word. However what I didn’t realize God was creating Hidden Figures in my life that was taken my hand and pulling me through and I am thankful for my beautiful sisters in my church Julington Creek Celebration sisterhood that was showing me what love look like in friendship, that help me and is still helping me in ways that they don’t realize. More importantly my 17 year old daughter would return the favor of me being her Hidden Figure who pushed me to go to sister hood on Thursday and letting me know it is safe. I love my sisters at sisterhood and my church. Thank you Mamie, Deanna, Felisha, Marsha, Teresa, and all of my new found friends in my sisterhood group for standing in the Gap and taking a minute and pausing for allowing me to see God hands is at work and He is build and sculpting me and placing these ladies, my family (my children and hubby) and my spiritual family in my life. Thank you all and Mamie for holding me accountable in love and pushing me to refine my best. You are truly what God has created to be in a mother, military spouse, a sister, a friend, a mentor. I pray for anointing and a abundance of blessings return to you for what you are doing for me my life in ways you don’t know and for the same pray for all the ladies in my church and my girls for giving back the best gift that can not be brought ( love and friendship)

  4. What a wonderful surprise! Way to go Mr. Pack and Sisterhood ladies! You are a hard person to surprise! Well deserved!

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