Meet our founder.

Mamie L. Pack Ph.D.

Dr. Mamie (pronounced May-Me) L. Pack is a military wife, momma, educator, and founder of Mamie L. Pack Media. 

As a young girl, Mamie was drawn to beauty of books, storytelling, and writing. There is power in telling your story in your own words. Her love of words grew in include lists, planners, and all things productivity Even as a child, she started making custom journals. With her love of storytelling, it’s no surprise that she would start her professional career as an English teacher.  It was as a teacher she would focus on helping students with goal setting, productivity techniques, and self-care.  She created journals to assist her students with building healthy habits. 

Mamie continued sharing her love of organization, planning, and storytelling by creating products to help other military wives and stay-at-home moms.  She started writing to help women know they are not alone. With over 20 years experience leading, teaching, and mentoring, Dr. Pack uses her professional knowledge and personal experience to disrupt the narrative telling women we must do more and be more in order to have worth or a meaningful life. 

Founded in 2018, Dr. Pack launched MLP Media with one product: Sermon Notes Reflection Journal.  In 2023, her brand has grown to include over 50 products designed to help women prioritize their mental, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. With over 20 years experience leading, teaching, and mentoring, 

In addition to being a full-time educator and founder of MLP Media, Mamie leads professional development sessions and is a professional speaker. 

Get to know our brand.

Mamie L. Pack Media

Mamie L. Pack Media started in 2018 with the idea that women could thrive in all seasons of life. Our stationery is designed with purpose to help women create healthy habits so that they can thrive at any age and stage of life.

We believe that you can live a full life by doing less.

We believe in doing the best we can, where we are, and with what we have knowing that is enough.

We accept that life changes and it’s okay to adapt to what we need.

We know that a healthy community is a necessary part of a thriving life.

We are open to new possibilities.

We choose to uproot any unhealthy habits, ideas, and beliefs that prevent us from becoming our better selves.

We create stationery with purpose designed to help women prioritize their well-being.  Our stationery equips women to live a life of wholeness in five areas of wellness: mental, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth. From gratitude journals to our Black Excellence planner, we have a variety of products that can fit your lifestyle. By building healthy habits through personal reflection, our products help women of all ages and stages of life.

Our products are designed, produced, and shipped within the United States.  

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Work with me.

If you are interested in having me on your podcasts or speaking at your event, please email me at

Topics I love to discuss:

  • building a healthy marriage
  • stepping into your purpose on purpose without feeling guilty
  • embracing motherhood as ministry
  • livng beyond trauma

I am happy to discuss your needs and see if my message fits your audience.

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