Prayer for friends: 11 scriptures to pray over your friends

Using prayer for our friends is one way we can support the important people in our lives. Whether is prayer for healing or prayer for going through a difficult season, using scripture to pray for our friends is an honor. The Bible shows us how to pray for peace, hope, joy and salvation for others. #prayer #friendship #scripture

Saturday Morning Surprises

Waking up on Saturday morning after my birthday, I had my plan for the day all mapped out in my head. Go out to eat breakfast with the family, one quick errand and then back to the house. Once home we would put up the Christmas tree, make cookies with the kids, and then watch a movie cuddled on the couch with my hubby. I looked forward to this day of rest and family time all week. I was determined to enjoy Pressing Pause in the now. After finishing our breakfast, my hubby started driving in the opposite dire[...]