Hello 2018

New year. New month. New week. New day. New perspective. New opportunities for growth. What a gift we have right in front of us today. But how we manage our heart and our thoughts will have a tremendous impact on the outcome of our year. Nothing new will happen when we allow old pains to keep our heart captive. No change will occur when we continue to see our situations through the lens of defeat and despair. Why have an open door if we are too afraid to step out into the unknown? Why build a new r[...]

Pressing Pause: Celebrating my 39th birthday

It’s my birthday ya’ll. Today I turn 39. Whoa! Even though I have moments I am amazed I am almost 40, my body definitely reminds me that this is indeed a fact. From the couple of patches of gray hair that peak out at around my temple to seeing wrinkles around my eyes when I smile, I am thankful I have been given the gift of growing older.  Normally, one of my birthday traditions has been to write out my prayers, hopes, and goals for the next year. I embrace all that the next year has ahead of me. Bu[...]