5 simple ways to create a supportive environment for military kids: Tips for teachers, churches, and community members

When a loved one serves in the military, every family member is impacted, especially military kids. Growing up in a military family requires children to adjust to constant change, frequent moves, and disruptions to their relationships. Moving is less about a new location and more about making new friends. As a former military kid and now raising our military children, I am quite aware of how a parent serving in the military impacts the entire family. Our children have spent their whole lives living in commu[...]

3 Simple questions to get your kids talking about what matters

Ok, momma. Tell me if my home sounds at all like yours; I pick my sons up from school or practice eager to hear all about their day only to get one-word responses. Everything was good. School was fine. Oh, but they have no problem talking about Fortnight or the latest football game. UGH!!! You have been away from me for hours, and you have NOTHING to say about your day. C’mon. I want details. Beneath my desire for details is really a momma hoping they would tell me the good things and the hard things. A m[...]

Breaking through: 3 practical ways to help your child cope with disappointment

Lately, we have been walking through some big moments in our home. Our fellas have been taking bold steps outside of their comfort zones. But with each step to try something new sometimes comes with the disappointment of things not going quite the way they planned. Seeing the disappointment on their faces, everything in me wanted to fix their hurt. As much as I want to save them from their disappointment, protecting them from their pain would only hinder their growth into strong, Godly men. Because I know w[...]

A simple box

There it was in the living room, a simple brown cardboard box. At one point in this boxes life, it was privilege to house generations of pictures of our family. Now, it was tossed to the side, prepared to meet its next phase in life—recycling. I left it there in the living room, totally expecting to return to it later that evening to send it to its next destination. Upon returning to the room, what do I find? Three boys who have turned the once useless box into a castle in which they were knights protect[...]

Let’s talk: 3 fun ways to engage the family during dinnertime

Is family conversation during dinnertime a challenge in your home? Do you find yourself asking your spouse or kids the same questions each day and only getting a one word response? A few years ago, I would have said yes to both of these questions. In the midst of working, homework, playtime with friends, and sports, we strive to make sure we are intentionally carving out time to have dinner together as a family. Believe me this is not always an easy task. When we have the moment to have everyone together,[...]