Until moments: Walking in God’s set time for your life

Every morning before I get out of bed, I tell myself I will not fuss. Then off in the distance I hear my fellas arguing about the bathroom no one is in or complaining about the food they get to eat for breakfast. (C'mon mommas, you feel my pain.) Ugh! On top of that, one of them is usually moving SLOWLY. Yes, I will not fuss I tell myself over and over UNTIL. I have an until, do you? That moment you are good until the milk spills on the floor when you need to leave the house the car won’t star[...]

Already worthy: 3 strategies to break free from people pleasing

Do you have trouble telling people no without explaining your decision? Do you make decisions to protect the feelings of others? Do you consistently inconvenience yourself for the convenience of others? Do you go out of your way to make sure others are happy even when it is not something you want? Do you make decisions out of duty or desire? Do you stay awake at night wondering what others think about you? Do you have difficulty being honest with others for fear of being rejected or from others withhold[...]

Walk it out: 3 steps to overcome fear and walk in faith

What fears are you facing right now? Maybe you are facing a fear of failure or fear of criticism. For some, it could be the fear of disappointing others. Whatever it may be for you, fear keeps us from taking that next step forward and saying “yes” to God’s will for our lives. I get it. There are too many times that my struggles with fear have caused me to stay paralyzed. Not moving forward, but life still passing me by. I was no closer to my purpose or my dreams. Instead of a sense of accomplishment,[...]