Mililtary life

5 simple ways to create a supportive environment for military kids: Tips for teachers, churches, and community members

When a loved one serves in the military, every family member is impacted, especially military kids. Growing up in a military family requires children to adjust to constant change, frequent moves, and disruptions to their relationships. Moving is less about a new location and more about making new friends. As a former military kid and now raising our military children, I am quite aware of how a parent serving in the military impacts the entire family. Our children have spent their whole lives living in commu[...]

Navy wife, navy life: 3 lessons about gratitude I’ve learned being a military wife

I will never be with anyone in the military. Those were my words as a single woman over 16 years ago. Growing up with my mom in the military, the last thing I wanted was to continue living the military life. I was tired of being the new girl AGAIN after yet ANOTHER military move. Just when I would put down roots and build friendships, it was time to go. I had enough of that life. But when my hubby entered my life, all those thoughts went out of the window. With him, I saw a future and hope. So here we ar[...]

Cherished Tradition

Each year I look forward to the day we are going to put up our Christmas tree. Out of everything we do to decorate and get ready for the Christmas season, I eagerly await the day we put up the tree. In many ways, I am worse than our fellas counting down the days until everyone will be home for us to begin. When I know we are just a couple of days away from putting up the tree, I begin preparations. Space, where the tree is placed, is clean. Well organized Christmas decoration containers are taken out of thei[...]

Establishing Normal: 3 steps to creating a routine after change

Being a military wife and raising a large family, I need routine. Creating a routine makes sense to me. That is the only way I can make sure homework is done, date night happens, dinner is cooked, and everyone goes it to bed on time. Over the years, I have spent considerable time establishing routines that work for our family. But just when I have a system all worked out, change happens. There are times change is an unwelcomed visitor. We would make plans only to have them altered by people and situations out[...]

Serving at home: 3 ways to be a friend to a military spouse

Being a military wife is a special calling and some days are tough. For the last 13 years, I have stood by my husband’s side while he has proudly served our country in the United States Navy. In those years, we have often spent more holidays, birthdays and anniversaries apart than we have together. We have moved far away from family and said goodbye to friends one too many times. While he leaves to serve on deployment, I serve at home. Whether it’s deployments, school, or training, shifting the responsi[...]