Stop the Summer Slump: 3 easy ways to encourage learning all summer long

We made it. After long hours and days encouraging (sometimes threatening) our children to finish homework, tests, quizzes, and projects, our kids have completed another school year. (Let all the mommas cheer). As parents, we want to embrace lazy days. You know those days where our children stay up late, play video games for hours, and chill out watching tv. After all, those lazy days are needed just as much for us parents as it is for kids. But we can't let all our children have learned start to deteriorate[...]

Embracing Now: 3 fun ways to enjoy your summer

“Summer, Summer, Summertime!" It’s official! Our household is now on summer break. For the next ten weeks, our family will be in full summertime mode. Needless to say, this momma has been counting down the days until we completed this school year. I love summer. No matter how old you are, where you live, or how busy you are, something is exciting about the summer. Maybe it’s the idea of spending countless hours out in the sun, enjoying sweet watermelon at another cookout, or a cold popsicle on a hot day[...]