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Time Savers: 3 ways to save time around the house

Whether working full-time as a teacher or taking care of my fellas as a stay-at-home momma, it seemed like I was always doing chores.




Oh, did I say laundry? I will never understand how so much laundry piles up.

No matter how much I thought I was caught up, there was always more to do. So finding efficient ways to use my time helped open up the time for me to spend with the people who matter most and doing what I love. The goal is not to do more things, but rather to do the important things.

Let’s talk about three ways that you can save time around the house.

Plan the night before

There are several areas we can plan the night before to help save time the next day or even throughout the week. The more we take care of the night before can help our mornings to run more smoothly and prevent some of the morning frustrations that occur. This is one simple strategy we also teach our fellas and has decreased the “I can’t find my other shoe” conversation that likes to happen in the morning. Plus, I find I have less “I can’t decide what to wear” moments when I have somewhere to be.

A few tasks that are great to plan the night before:
• Pick clothes out ahead of time
• Pack lunch
• Pack work bag, gym bag, and/or bookbag

Set a timer

There are two ways I use a timer to aid with time management around the house.

Burst timing: For this strategy, I set the timer for a set amount of time based upon what I want to accomplish. If I want to work on decluttering an area, spot cleaning, or even take a break, I set the timer for 15-20 minutes. Once the timer stops, I stop. This often helps to prevent me from loosing track of time. I use this with my fellas too when they need to do some cleaning before our big cleaning days

Time tracking: To use this strategy, it is important to first identify how long you take completing tasks. For example, if you want to take 20 minutes to work on our family bills, set the timer for 20 minutes. If the timer goes off before I finish the task, then I either need to adjust the amount of time I take to complete the task or identify ways that I can complete the task more efficiently.

A few tasks that are great for timers are:
• Checking your email
• Reading a book
• Planning your day
• Watching tv
• Working on a hobby

Now I know a timer can seem restrictive, but it can aid in avoiding distractions, develop discipline, and increase productivity. Just give a try and see how it works for you.

Focus on one task

For so long, I would consider myself the queen of multitasking. Whether it was folding laundry while watching tv or checking homework while cooking dinner, my time was usually torn between trying to do too much. It may have seemed like I was getting a lot done. In reality, I wasn’t. This behavior often led to mistakes that could have been prevented if I was truly focused on one task instead of multiple ones.

Multitasking can make you less efficient and less productive. With the development of technology and growing family demands, there is a lot that pulls at our attention. Learning how to focus on one tasks requires us to be discipline and be aware of our distractions. The use of a timer can aid with focusing on one task.

Some ways to focus on one task:
• Turn off phone notifications
• Set your phone to do-not disturb when working on a task
• Identify your priorities and work on them one at a time
• Sit down and make eye contact

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21 comments on “Time Savers: 3 ways to save time around the house

  1. mcrae.jennifer@yahoo.com

    Great post Mamie!

  2. Faith Ladson

    I will use a timer today for folding and putting away the linen! Laundry is like rabbits-it multiplies quickly! Thanks for the tips!

  3. good post. I like the I idea of a timer

  4. Thank you, I needed this today! I like the idea of setting a timer for tasks. Not only will it limit the time I have, but hopefully help me work more efficiently.

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Oh, great! It definitely helps keep you focused. Let me know how it works out for you.

  5. Great advice. I am going back to work next month after maternity leave so my time will become even more precious!

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Congrats on your new little one. Life for sure will look different. Hope these ideas work for you.

  6. Twinsietips

    I love the idea of setting a timer. Sometimes things get away from you and that is a good way to keep focused!

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Yes!!! I especially lose track when it is something I am passionate about. What about you?

  7. Love it!
    I’m such a multitasker that I struggle doing one thing at a time and I feel I’m getting worse 🙁 I desperately need to try your methods!

    • Mamie L. Pack

      I am bad about multitasking too! But I less stressed and I get more done when I focus on one task at a time.

  8. I love getting the breakfast ready the night before 😉 But I still have to work on these skill 😀 great post 😉

  9. Great post as always! Simple but great ideas that we can all follow, thanks so much for sharing! I am an organized person, so this speaks to my soul:)

  10. Ashley Lavoie

    Great tips! I’m the queen of thinking ahead and planning out things as best I can. We lay out clothes, snow gear for school recess, make lunches, etc. Whatever it takes to make our morning more pleasant and less stressful!

  11. Laundry and dishes is like never ending in our household. We have a little routine that we do and it seems to work good. My husband do the laundry and I do the dishes, then we both do the cleaning and the kids have their own chores. So far it’s working fine. Gonna try the time though.

    • Mamie L. Pack

      We split the chores too, which I love. It helps if the other person is willing to do a chore you don’t like. 😉

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