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Keep them learning: 12 online resources to help keep your children learning during school closures

Wow, friends! Current world events are impacting all of us. Like many of you, our fellas are home for an extended period. Although I am totally in for not getting up early and no long drop off lines, I know our fellas are missing out on vital days of learning. Maybe you could use these 12 online resources to keep your children learning during school closures too?

Just think, Education Week reports over 46,000 schools are currently closed, scheduled to close, or were closed and later opened, affecting at least 21 million students.

With numerous school closures and the stress on social distancing, finding ways to keep our children academically engaged can be a challenge.

What can you do to keep your kid learning during unexpected school closings, especially when you are NOT an educator?

No fear, I have you covered.

As a mom and educator, I am sharing a few resources I am using to keep our fellas engaged in learning and their academics while having some fun.

Here are 12 online resources you can use to keep your children learning during school closures.

1. PBS Kids

PBS is full of a wealth of activities to keep your kiddo learning. From printables to videos, parents will find this resource is user-friendly on both laptops and mobile devices. Parents can sign up to receive DAILY activities and tips to help your kiddo learn and play. With character favorites like Wild Kratts, Super Why, and Sid the Science kid, PBS has resources from reading to math to enrich your child’s learning.
Ages: Pre-K, Elementary
Topics: reading, writing, phonics, math, science

2. Project Gutenberg

If your kiddo loves to read, then Project Gutenberg is your place to visit. Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks with a focus on older works. With these FREE resources, you can choose free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them or read them online.
Ages: late elementary, middle, high school
Topics: varied

3. Time for Kids
Time for Kids is full of interesting articles on a variety of topics from sports, business, environment, entertainment, and more.

4. Amazon Prime

If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you have access to a multitude of free books. From books for early readers to graphic novels, there are a ton of books guaranteed to keep kids reading. Plus, Amazon Prime members have access to Prime Video with a multitude of free tv shows and movies.

5. Google Arts & Culture

If you are going to sit around on your couch, spend your time virtually visiting museums, parks, and natural icons. Give your kid a view of the world at Yellowstone National Park, learn about other cultures, art, history, and more.
Ages: All, parents too
Topics: Art, History, Science, Math, Geography, Language arts

6. Minecraft Education Edition
Have a Minecraft lover in your home like me? Then you want to check out this resource. Mainly used for educators, they do provide a free demo coding lesson.
Ages: elementary, middle, high school
Topics: math, science, visual arts, language arts

7. Mystery Science

Mystery Science is providing engaging and expertly designed science lessons for free. Their activities are designed to use supplies many parents already have at home while making it simple for parents to teach. During school closures, they are offering some of their most popular science lessons free.
Ages: elementary
Topics: Science

8. Scholastic

I love Scholastic. During the school closures, Scholastic is offering 20 days of lessons across all content areas in their the Virtual Learning Resource Center. These free, engaging online resources and activities will help keep your kind learning and busy.
Ages: pre-k, elementary, middle,
Topics: varied

9. Code

With all the extra time at home, get your kiddos involved in coding. Code.org is supported by numerous tech donors, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and more. Their free K-12 computer science lessons and games your kiddos will LOVE.
Ages: elementary, middle, and high school
Topics: science, math, social studies, art, language arts, and computer science

10. Classics for kids

Classics for Kids introduces children to classical music in fun and entertaining ways. You get access to famous pieces of classical music, related lesson plans, and activity sheets.
Ages: elementary, middle
Topics: music

11. SAT prep

Keep your high schooler engaged with free practice exercises and test prep from The College Board.
Ages: high school
Topics: varied

12. Kaplan

Kaplan provides free practice exercises, questions, and informational sessions to help students and parents prepare for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and college applications.
Ages: high school
Topics: varied

Educational resources

Parents hang in there!

Remember, learning should be fun for both the child and for you. Keep in mind children may be experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety, which impacts how children learn and focus. Grace is going to be a vital part of the home environment as we all navigate unexpected changes in the school calendar. Extend grace and patience to your children and yourself. We are in this together!


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9 comments on “Keep them learning: 12 online resources to help keep your children learning during school closures

  1. Great resource! Thank you!

  2. These are great and will totally come in handy at my home!

  3. GetItTagetherMama

    This is amazing and as a teacher I really appreciate you sharing resources so that kids are doing something productive at home.

  4. alunderfullife

    What a great list for parents to be able to continue their children’s learning during this time.

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Thank you!! There is so much available for free during this time.

  5. With this list, being bored won’t be an options! Lots of fun and educational things to do.

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