Next steps: Product reveal

"Write the vision and make it plain"--Habakkuk 2:2 More than five years ago, God gave me vision to create an entire line of stationary and organizational products for women. Unfortunately, life happened and I closed that door. I hid my God-sized dream deep within my heart and became afraid to hope and dream again. But God! In December of 2016, God reminded me of the dreams HE placed in my heart. It was time to put in the work. With the support of my phenomenal husband and the connection with mighty women of[...]

Walk it out: 3 steps to overcome fear and walk in faith

What fears are you facing right now? Maybe you are facing a fear of failure or fear of criticism. For some, it could be the fear of disappointing others. Whatever it may be for you, fear keeps us from taking that next step forward and saying “yes” to God’s will for our lives. I get it. There are too many times that my struggles with fear have caused me to stay paralyzed. Not moving forward, but life still passing me by. I was no closer to my purpose or my dreams. Instead of a sense of accomplishment, I[...]

Beyond Insecurity: What gaining weight taught me about faith

Standing there, I stared at her. The roundness in her cheeks. The fullness of her hips. The belly. Ugh, the belly. I saw her, and she was me. Staring at my husband, I said words about my body I would never say to a friend. That morning, I changed clothes ten times. Angrily, pants after pants were thrown to the floor as if to punish them for fitting incorrectly. Everything felt wrong. At that moment of not being able to fit any of my clothes, I realized the same insecurities plaguing me as a young girl who[...]

In the face of doubt: A mother’s miracle

Cries. No sound compared. He was here. Breathing. Moving. Crying. Our blessing. It didn’t seem so long ago we were sitting at the doctor’s office listening to their doubts of his survival. Cradled in my hubby's arm, I listened as they tried to prepare me. The doctor began explaining the risks and possible problems we might endure, ultimately expecting me to miscarry. Fear gripped my heart while tears began to flow freely from my eyes. My mind replayed the doctor’s words—“low chance of survival[...]

Motherhood Unfiltered

Some days I feel confident in the type of mother that I am. Then there are other days I go to bed focused on all the ways that I missed the moment. Sometimes that mom guilt can seem to speak so loudly in my mind of all the things I should have done or should have said. Lies that I am not good enough. This is false thinking. Instead, I make a choice to renew my mind and remind myself to see motherhood through God's point of view. I choose to remember that His grace is sufficient for me and His power is sho[...]