Hello 2018

New year. New month. New week. New day. New perspective. New opportunities for growth. What a gift we have right in front of us today. But how we manage our heart and our thoughts will have a tremendous impact on the outcome of our year. Nothing new will happen when we allow old pains to keep our heart captive. No change will occur when we continue to see our situations through the lens of defeat and despair. Why have an open door if we are too afraid to step out into the unknown? Why build a new r[...]

Hello New Beginnings

Hi, I'm Mamie and welcome to my blog.  If you were sitting next to me, I would go ahead and give you the biggest hug (usually, I do try to ask first).  I am ecstatic you are here with me.   Normally this would be the place where other professionals say you should tell your reader a little about yourself.  So, I could share several facts about myself that evolved with age, like I wanted to change my name once I turned 18 or I thought I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up.  But one fact I would definitel[...]