Fresh starts: 3 savvy ways to navigate new seasons

If you stop to reflect on your current season right now, what would you say? Just pause and think about that. Are you: buying a new house? starting a new job? getting ready for marriage? raising small children? celebrating your last kid graduating from school? deciding what to do next? recovering from a broken heart? Starting fresh can stir up all sorts of emotions. Some of these changes are exciting life events that we want to capture in pictures and Christmas ornaments. Other events shake u[...]

Sheltered in the storm

Lately, our weather has been all over the place. One moment it is freezing, the next raining, and then sunny. I try as much as possible to be prepared for these changes, especially taking care of three boys. I keep a blanket in my car, extra hats for those days they boys claim they didn’t know they needed hats, plus an umbrella in my purse and one in the backseat. Recently during one of the rainy days, my favorite umbrella broke. There I stand, rain pouring onto my clothes, my hair and all the other items[...]

Motherhood Unfiltered

Some days I feel confident in the type of mother that I am. Then there are other days I go to bed focused on all the ways that I missed the moment. Sometimes that mom guilt can seem to speak so loudly in my mind of all the things I should have done or should have said. Lies that I am not good enough. This is false thinking. Instead, I make a choice to renew my mind and remind myself to see motherhood through God's point of view. I choose to remember that His grace is sufficient for me and His power is sho[...]

Thank you for your service 

I have spent most of my life directly impacted by those who choose to willingly and bravely serve our country. From watching my mother serve to walking this life with my husband who serves, the journey is not always easy. There are missed birthdays, anniversaries, and first days of school. There are letters, care packages, and hopes of a phone call. There are more goodbyes and nights alone than most realize. There is also a strength you didn't know you had. There is an appreciation for the quality of the mo[...]