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Thank you for your service 

I have spent most of my life directly impacted by those who choose to willingly and bravely serve our country. From watching my mother serve to walking this life with my husband who serves, the journey is not always easy.

There are missed birthdays, anniversaries, and first days of school. There are letters, care packages, and hopes of a phone call. There are more goodbyes and nights alone than most realize.

There is also a strength you didn’t know you had. There is an appreciation for the quality of the moments than the quantity of them.

There is sacrifice.

They leave who and what they love to serve for all.

As a former military kid and now a military wife, I so appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you to all of those who have served our country. We honor you!

Picture credit: Kayla Harris

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  1. Your blog is beautiful, and post concise and poignant.

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