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It’s been one year

Hello friends,

Yesterday we celebrated our one-year blogaversary.  What a year it has been!  Instead of forging forward with a new blog post or a blogaversary party, I decided to take a pause.

A pause to embrace right were I am.

A pause to recognize all the steps to this point.

A pause to acknowledge the support of others who helped me get here.

A pause to assess the cost of making it to this point.

A pause to remember the getting back up when I wanted to quit it all away.

A pause to praise God for refreshing His gift in me.

A pause to remember the cries coming down my tear-stained face unsure if I was worthy to steward God’s daughters in this way.

A pause to savor this moment.

So, friends no mid-week three post today.  Instead, I am leaning in and celebrating this moment.  This is not a check off my list but 365 days of my life has poured into the lives of others for the Glory of God. I want to remember the mother, the wife, the military family, the broken, the rejected, the hopeful ones who have spent a year with me.  I never want to take for granted I have the privilege to do this.

Before we move forward, I am going to take my personal time of reflection,  I want to lean in to pray, I want to lean in to rejoice, and I want to step out in celebration.

We do want you to participate.  Please be in prayer for us as we reflect on the steps for this next season.

Also, feel free to leave a comment about how any of the blog posts at MamiePack.com have impacted you below.  We would love to read your feedback.

Don’t worry we will be back soon even more motivated to share the journey with you.

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