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5 simple organizational tools for busy parents

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The kids are back in school. You have worked hard to get your routines in place, but somehow a pile of papers is starting to grow on your counter.  How do YOU keep everything organized now that school is in full swing?

Whether you need to organized school supplies or the big pile of papers coming home with your kindergarten, I have done it all with my four fellas.  Over the years, I’ve created a few must have tools in our home for staying organized that didn’t break the bank. 

Staying organized during a school year doesn’t have to be challenging, if you have some of the right tools. That’s why I thought I would share a few of my favorite back-to-school organizers for under $20.  (Yep, you read that right, under $20)

Organizational tools for busy parents1. School Keepsake Memory Book

As a momma of four boys, keeping up with everything year to year is not always easy. That’s why I love these school keepsake memory books.  We purchased a memory book for each of our fellas. These simply books have space for pictures, school year information, and pockets to keep those special memories.  You don’t have to be a Pinterest, crafty momma to keep up with this book.


2. School supply storage bin

School supply storage bins are a must for homework time.  In my bins, I have everything our fellas need to complete their homework without the dreaded, “But I need” comments. When you live in a small space without a much storage, these bins help out tremendously.  In them, I keep crayons, markers, color pencils, rulers, glue, extra pencils, etc.  The key is to make you have enough per child.  Believe me, this can help cut down on fussing and arguments between your kiddos. 

3. Alexa discover my art

This artwork organizer is perfect for one child or three.  I purchased this organizer for my fellas years ago when I started running out of room to keep up with all of their big pieces of artwork.  I simply labeled a section for each of my four fellas and kept this in my office.  Throughout the year, I would add the artwork we wanted to keep.  Making it easy to use and a simple way to stay organized. 

4. Slant Stand

The Slant Stand is a more recent addition for organization, but has easily become one of my favorite tools to use.  The SLANT stand is a conveniently sized, reusable, dry erase easel w/ marker and optional mirror designed for clinicians, teachers and for personal use. Everyone in our family has their own SLANT stand.  We use them to keep up with to-do lists, write scriptures, encouraging notes, daily affirmations, packing lists for travel and so much more. The SLANT stand is fantastic for every member in the family.

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5. Dry erase calendar

Calendars are my friend.  We use a dry erase calendar to help keep track of all of our family events.  From birthdays to field trips, we put it all on our calendar.  We color code each member in our family and discuss upcoming dates during our weekly family meetings. Having a calendar in our family command center allows everyone to stay up-to-date in all things Pack family.

What would you add to the list?

Organizational tools for busy parents

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21 comments on “5 simple organizational tools for busy parents

  1. These are awesome Tips. I really liked #3 the art organizer, I get tons of art from my 3 year old in preschool coming home. I also have a blog on what items in my house keep me organized as well.

  2. That slant stand is so cool! I have found that having a landing station for my kids to hang their backpacks and put there shoes has been a game changer!

  3. I like the schoolory book idea!! I’m going to our base this ! Thanks!

  4. My husband and I use a dry erase calendar to keep us with our schedule and bills.

  5. The school storage bin will work wonders in my house! I have 3 little artists and their art supplies can get messy and unorganized! Great ideas!!

  6. Great ideas! I love the slant stand ! thanks for sharing this post !

  7. I really like the school bin idea, this is a great way to help your kids stay organized! Another idea I’ve also seen is using a file bin for each school year’s paperwork, like report cards, photos, artworkartwork, etc.

  8. Sonja- Too Much Character

    Now I have a whole lot of Amazon purchases to make! Great ideas for helping stay on top of things.

  9. alunderfullife

    That dry erase calendar would be a life saver for me! I forget everything lately.

  10. I am all about a dry eraser calendar. I am looking at mine now. It’s easy to erase things off of my never ending to-do list.

  11. Great list! I love seeing new methods to stay organized.

  12. I have to get me one of those dry erase calendars. Really good tips, thanks for sharing!

  13. Slant looks nifty. So many good ideas here. Organization helps create a smooth flow, that’s for certain! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  14. These are great suggestions! Definitely trying to get organized as we expect a baby in Feb!!

  15. These all look like great organizational resources! Great post!

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