Determined to finish: 3 ways to push through when you feel pulled away

You’ve done it. Your goals are written. Your meals are planned. Your alarms are set. You mapped out all the steps for a positive, productive week. What you didn’t plan for is the discomfort you feel in the process of making healthy changes. Oh yes—the difficult parts. The parts of juggling being a wife, a mom, a professional, and let's not forget it's the first week of school. The parts of wanting and planning for change when you see no results. We start to feel stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed[...]

Checking my capacity

You ever have moments where you sit down to do something you actually enjoy, but it just doesn't feel right? Well, that is totally me right now. The past seven days have been jammed with encouragement, stretching, growing, and learning. My brain and heart are on overload. When I sat to write for this week's midweek three, I kept praying "Lord, what are you showing me? What do you want your daughters to hear?" I scribbled ideas, sketched out brain maps, but nothing seemed right. Again, I would go back to pr[...]