Checking my capacity

You ever have moments where you sit down to do something you actually enjoy, but it just doesn’t feel right?

Well, that is totally me right now. The past seven days have been jammed with encouragement, stretching, growing, and learning. My brain and heart are on overload.

When I sat to write for this week’s midweek three, I kept praying “Lord, what are you showing me? What do you want your daughters to hear?”

I scribbled ideas, sketched out brain maps, but nothing seemed right. Again, I would go back to prayer, “Lord, what are you showing me? What do you want your daughters to hear?”

As much as I wanted to write, no thoughts flowed, no ideas stuck, and everything felt forced. This is not what my blog is about. I don’t write to have something checked off my list. Writing is an extension of ministry where I have the privilege to draw others to Christ with the written word. I don’t have to write, I get to write. If I treat my gifts as a chore, I cheapen God’s intentional decision to place them in my hands.

Then He revealed to me-rest. My mind and my heart need to process and recover from such a full week. So I am doing the very thing I write about–choosing self-care.

No Mid-week three. No videos. Rest.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and for being understanding.

Grateful for you,

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6 comments on “Checking my capacity

  1. Yess! Self care is important- your readers need you to feel your best to be your best! I hope you enjoy your time of rest…

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Oh, thank you. It’s important to model what you write about. It wasn’t a part of the plan, but just what I needed.

  2. jrandall86

    Rest is so important; I always have to remind myself of this too.

  3. jennpohlman

    YES! So glad you were able to hear and take the time you needed. Rest is so important – just as important as finding the motivation to tackle our unending to-do lists! Glad you’re taking this time.

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