Healthy Marriage: 3 lessons about celebrating holidays as a military wife

Being a military wife is already hard, but celebrating special days without your spouse can be particularly tricky. Sometimes, I just want to climb in my bed and just sleep the day away, but I know that is not a healthy response. Instead, I have learned a few healthy lessons that have helped me focus more on what I have in my relationship beyond a date on my calendar. Sign up here to receive your own 20 days to a healthy marriage. Lesson 1—The status of my relationship is not defined by a date Throughou[...]

Time Savers: 3 ways to save time around the house

Whether working full-time as a teacher or taking care of my fellas as a stay-at-home momma, it seemed like I was always doing chores. Laundry. Dishes. Dinner. Oh, did I say laundry? I will never understand how so much laundry piles up. No matter how much I thought I was caught up, there was always more to do. So finding efficient ways to use my time helped open up the time for me to spend with the people who matter most and doing what I love. The goal is not to do more things, but rather to do the import[...]

Establishing Normal: 3 steps to creating a routine after change

Being a military wife and raising a large family, I need routine. Creating a routine makes sense to me. That is the only way I can make sure homework is done, date night happens, dinner is cooked, and everyone goes it to bed on time. Over the years, I have spent considerable time establishing routines that work for our family. But just when I have a system all worked out, change happens. There are times change is an unwelcomed visitor. We would make plans only to have them altered by people and situations out[...]

Pressing Pause: Celebrating my 39th birthday

It’s my birthday ya’ll. Today I turn 39. Whoa! Even though I have moments I am amazed I am almost 40, my body definitely reminds me that this is indeed a fact. From the couple of patches of gray hair that peak out at around my temple to seeing wrinkles around my eyes when I smile, I am thankful I have been given the gift of growing older.  Normally, one of my birthday traditions has been to write out my prayers, hopes, and goals for the next year. I embrace all that the next year has ahead of me. Bu[...]