Taking care of me: 3 ways to create a self-care routine

Wife. Momma. Educator. Friend. Volunteer. Are you like me? Life is busy, and my list could go on and on of all the ways that I pour out into others. Most days I don’t even give much thought to how what I am doing for others impacts me because I enjoy what I do and it is fulfilling. That is until I find myself running on fumes. Immediately, I start to notice that my conversation and tone are short, and my patience is thin. All of this happens when I fail to take care of me in the process of taking of e[...]

Renewed perspective: 3 things to do when you are having a challenging day

Ever had a day that just seems to start off wrong? You wake up late. Your kids won’t stop fussing. You spill your coffee. Your spouse has an attitude. One thing seems to pile up after another. Before you know it, you are complaining and just have a bad attitude. Your words become daggers thrown at anyone who gets in your way. You go from being in a bad mood to having a bad day. The good news—you can turn your day around! The next time you have a challenging day, try these three tips to help renew[...]

Have a merry Christmas: 3 ways to enjoy the holiday season

For most of us, Christmas is a fun time. From celebrating the birth of Christ to cheesy holiday movies, Christmas is a time to make new memories with family and friends. Some of my favorite memories have been loud, off-key singing Christmas songs while driving around looking at lights and coming back to our house to make homemade ornaments with our fellas. Each year, I look forward to enjoying these moments. Sadly, the holidays can also mean stress. The mixture of crowds, fast-paced music, high-fat foods, and[...]