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3 Mid Week Blog Posts you want to read

As we spend today celebrating Independence Day, it’s a great time to catch up on three of our most popular blog posts.

Feel free to read, to comment and to share.

Wife life: 3 prayers that changed my marriage


This blog post is one of my favorite because these prayers are quite personal for me. They have helped to make a tremendous impact in my marriage and in my heart.  I hope that you will be encouraged to include some of these prayers in your prayer time for your marriage.

What were your favorites?

Read more here.

Remove the mask: 3 Standout ways to live an authentic life


This quickly became one of the more popular posts on the blog. Here is just a snippet:

She stands there smiling, nodding her head, responding but not listening.

To everyone else, she is strong. She has it all together. People often ask, “How in the world can you do it all?”

They want to see the superwoman. So, she wears the mask.

She hides her pain, her shame, her anger, her hurt behind the mask of her smile. Afraid her truth cannot be accepted. Afraid that her truth will keep her from being loved.
Do you know this woman?

Is she you?

Want to read more? Check it out here.

Small Changes: 3 healthy lifestyle tips to try this week


Making healthy changes doesn’t have to be difficult.  This blog gives you three simple tips to make healthy changes starting TODAY.  Are you ready to get healthy? Then this is the blog for YOU!

Check it out here!

What is your favorite blog post?

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