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Wife life: 3 prayers that changed my marriage

As my husband and I celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary, I thought I would share with you three prayers that have changed our marriage.


Happy Anniversary to us!


Instead of my usually written blog, I though I would try something new–a vlog.

I hope you enjoy and that you would share with others.

How do you pray for your husband?



12 comments on “Wife life: 3 prayers that changed my marriage

  1. Faith Ladson

    I am an Army wife and I pray for my husband’s mind. He has been deployed numerous times and I ask God to guard his mind.

  2. Love your vlog! Congratulations on your 14th wedding anniversary!

  3. That’s great! I should take some of these things to my own marriage. I know sometimes my husband feels bombarded when I need to ask a thousand questions about his day.

  4. alunderfullife

    I love the vlog! What a great idea! Happy anniversary!

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Oh, thanks. Trying to embrace stepping out of my comfort zone!

  5. You are truly lucky to have one another. This was beautiful and thank you for sharing

  6. Wow, 14 years of marriage! Congratulations! I found this video extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing such wisdom. I appreciate your honesty

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