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Back on track: 3 steps to recharge your motivation

Whether you’ve had to restart your workout routine after illness or adjust going back to school after a vacation, we have all hit slumps where it seems we have lost our motivation.

Sadly, too many of us stay derailed from moving forward because we allow our motivation to wane. Then we become stuck in a rut.

But this does NOT have to be your reality. How we choose to respond when we experience a dip in our motivation will determine if we experience success or a setback. There are three steps you can start today to help recharge your motivation and get back on track.

Remember why you started

To jumpstart our motivation, we need to remember why we wanted to start in the first place. When we forget why we began, it can be easy to throw in the towel when the journey gets tough. We start to focus on all the reasons why we can’t move forward causing us to lose sight of the vision God gave us to move forward. Do you remember why you started your work out routine, decided to go back to school, or go after your dream? What were the prayers you prayed? What did God tell you to do to do? What is your why?

Whatever it is, write it down and keep it close. Write it on the mirror in your bathroom. Make it an alarm on your phone. Put a reminder on your car. Just don’t allow the speedbumps of life cause you to completely stop moving toward your destination.

Recruit support

We are better together. I am not sure where that statement originated, but it is true on so many levels to include recharging your motivation. Sometimes moving forward with our goals alone can be challenging, even for the most organized and productive. It’s even harder when your energy level is low, and life gets busy. Recruiting others to help along the journey as support and accountability can provide the additional umph to recharging our motivation.

Choose one or two people who can hold you accountable to take your next steps. Talk with them about the type of support you need. Do you need weekly phone calls? Daily text message check-ins? Or help to prep your meals for the week? Choose people that will be encouraging and honor your commitments.

Make a decision not an excuse

Let’s be real for a moment. You will NOT feel motivated all the time. That is unrealistic. That is why we must choose discipline. Discipline will always trump motivation. Sure, you may need the motivation to start, but discipline helps you finish. If we wait until we are motivated to do the homework, complete the workout, or attend the small group, none of those things may happen. Instead, choose to get it done instead of waiting until you “feel” like it. Your future you will thank you for not allowing excuses from becoming the barrier that keeps you from becoming your best self.

Staying discipline requires identifying the areas that cause you to fall away from your assignment. Do you notice you struggle to do your homework in the late evening? Do you end up straying from your meal plan when you have had an emotional day? When you are aware of your triggers, you can plan for your success ahead of time and stay discipline even when your motivation runs low.

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