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End Well: 3 simple ways to finish the year strong

Finish the year strong

December is a full month for me. I normally order my new planner, start my yearly reflection, and begin planning for the new year.

This year, however, I heard the Holy Spirit quietly whisper something new—“End Well.”

In the planning for the next year, I took my eyes off what God wanted to do right NOW and how God wanted this year to end.

God is still moving. God is still healing. God is still blessing. God is still reconciling. God is still a way maker.

God has work HE still wants to do THIS year.

I don’t want to miss what HE wasn’t to do now because I am so preoccupied with preparing for the next.

I want every answer, every blessing, every open door God promised me in 2019.

So I am leaving nothing on the table. Oh, no! I am going to hold on to every word God is speaking NOW so I can end 2019 well.

Can you relate?

My mind is made up. I am going after everything God is doing THIS year in three simple ways.

Finish the year strong
Finish the year strong

Steward your assignments

Too often, we have our eyes on what we are going to do next year. You know the weight we are going to lose, the book we are going to start writing, the business we are going to start, or how we are going to prioritize our marriages. Oh, yes—“going to” is usually lingering somewhere.

Finish the year strong has a lot to do with how we are stewarding the assignments God has already placed in our hands.

EVERYTHING we have in our lives is a gift from God.

The same God who spoke light into existence is the same God who gave our form a shape and breathed life into our lungs. Before time ever existed, He already created a purpose and plan for every single one of us. He’s anointed, called, and equipped us for the assignments He has placed in our hands.

Just think every person and every place we go is an opportunity to take God with us. We are not here to merely be led by dates on a calendar. We are meant for more than saving for retirement, building a home, or traveling the world. Every moment is an opportunity to spread the love of Jesus, to make His name known, and to build His kingdom. We can only do this if we are stewarding well the people and assignments He’s placed in our lives.

He’s given us what we need so we can be good stewards faithfully and purposefully.

Take time to do a heart check. How are you showing up?

We don’t have to wait for anything new to complete what God has already started. Want to get healthy, drink the water today. Want to improve your relationship with your spouse, make time to talk today. Want to start writing, write the first paragraph. Want to prioritize your home, put the phone down, and spend time with your loved ones today.

Stewarding who and what God has assigned to us has less to do with a date on a calendar and more to do with His timing. Whatever God has entrusted you to do, do it and do it well.

Walk through the doors

God’s remarkable love has given everything in our lives purpose. Just think before our mothers ever held us, God already accepted us. Before anyone spoke our names, we were already known by God.

Friend, let’s not wait for 2020 to be the year where we are a bolder, braver, stronger version of ourselves. Choose today to step right into who God uniquely created us to be. Embrace your voice. Stop hiding behind shame. No more compromise.

Once we are willing to demolish fear, we will continue to walk out the plan God has for us this year.

There are people THIS year waiting for us to walk out our kingdom purpose. People who are waiting on us to bring the light of Christ into our homes, our workplaces, even the grocery store.

We will NOT become who God made us to be by remaining who we were. We are made for more.

So leave NOTHING on the table in 2019. Do you hear me? I said leave NOTHING on the table.

Finish the year strong
Finish the year strong

Make 2019 the year where you finish what God started in you. How you end 2019 can have a significant impact on how you walk into 2020. Choose to end well. Limiting your distractions, stewarding your assignments, and walking through the doors God has opened for you will help you finish this year strong. God is still moving, are you making room?

Cheering you on,

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16 comments on “End Well: 3 simple ways to finish the year strong

  1. Thank you for this. I am I big proponent of starting today vs waiting for the new year to start. I like how you emphasis ending this year well before jumping into the next one.

  2. Good tips, saying no is key during this time of year. SOOO much going on, and its so easy to start accepting left and right and burn yourself out.

  3. ahappyhomeschoolmom

    You have encouraged me so much with this post! I usually just want to get through December quickly because it can be stressful and busy. I’m going to try to do a better job of keeping my eyes on God and living out the rest of this year with purpose!

  4. God is a strong presence in my life and this post really resonated with me.

  5. Such a great set of goals for the rest of the year. It is imperative for me to be very intentional with my morning quiet time for Bible and prayer!

  6. Thanks for a great reminder!

  7. Perfect! It’s so easy to forget at this time of year that God might have other plans for us, we just need to stop and let him show is what they are!

  8. Thank you for sharing! I’m so guilty of skipping the rest of this month to focus on what I’m going to do next year. There’s still time to accomplish things this year–you’re so right!

  9. Mama Bear Finance

    Eating well is so important and sometimes overlook due to our busy lives!

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