Home Haven: 3 steps to set the atmosphere in your home

Early in my marriage, I really had little idea just how much I influenced my home and family. I was so focused on trying to control everything and everyone. I had my routines and organizational systems in place that everyone was expected to follow. These things were only superficial ways that I was trying to control my home, but it did little to help me create the type of atmosphere in my home I really wanted. My heart desired a God-centered home where there was love and peace. Yet, my fussing because the[...]

Safe Spaces: 3 ways to improve communication with your spouse and children

Do you remember the last time your spouse or kid felt frustrated, annoyed, or irritated by your response? How did he/she respond? Did he withdraw his heart? Did you find yourself reacting instead of responding? Creating safe spaces where those we love want to talk often starts with the environment we create. When our spouse and children feel that they are in a relational safe space, they are more likely to talk about their emotions, hopes and fears. Our communication with them feels less like an interro[...]

Wife life: 3 prayers that changed my marriage

As young wife, I focused on so many wrong areas.  I focused on wanting God to change my husband and I missed the changes that needed to happen within me.  When I started saying these prayers for my marriage, my heart changed and I became a better wife. Instead of my usually written blog, I though I would try something new--a vlog. I hope you enjoy and that you would share with others. Sign up here to receive your own 20 days to a healthy marriage. How do you pray for your husband?[...]

Marriage Matters: 3 ways maintain intimacy in your marriage

Remember back to when you and your hubby were first married? You talked for hours in this dreamy state of bliss. To be honest, you just wanted to be around each other. But then, well, life. Jobs. Kids. Responsibilities. More kids. Then just like that, there is a tug-of-war for your time, attention, and energy. Sure, you still see each other. You get up out the same bed. You live in the same house. You have the same goals. But without realizing it, you are just going through the routine of life. Maintaining in[...]

Navy wife, navy life: 3 lessons about gratitude I’ve learned being a military wife

I will never be with anyone in the military. Those were my words as a single woman over 16 years ago. Growing up with my mom in the military, the last thing I wanted was to continue living the military life. I was tired of being the new girl AGAIN after yet ANOTHER military move. Just when I would put down roots and build friendships, it was time to go. I had enough of that life. But when my hubby entered my life, all those thoughts went out of the window. With him, I saw a future and hope. So here we ar[...]