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Speak Life: 3 daily affirmations to start your day with hope

How do you start the day?

Pause for a moment.

Really think about it.

Do you wake up moaning, already complaining about getting up early?
Or maybe you groan about the aches in your body or the noise your kids are already making?

The words we use, spoken out loud or thought in our minds, have a major influence on the outcome of our day. These words impact how we view our family, our jobs, even ourselves. With so much on the line, it’s vital we choose our words intentionally.

If we want our day to be filled with hope, then we ought to choose to speak words that cultivate hope. Using God’s word to shape daily declarations over our lives reshapes the way we see the world and ourselves. Let’s talk about three daily affirmations you can speak to start your day filled with hope.

I choose love.

Love is powerful. Love is not something someone must earn, but rather a gift we are able to freely give to others. When we choose to love, we choose to be present. Saying “I choose to love” means I will show up even life is hard. You choose to let go of bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness so that you can love freely. Your heart is not held captive by pain but freed by the greatest love of Jesus Christ.

Each day wake up making the decision to love. Love people in spite of their attitudes. Love people in spite of their flaws. Love people in the good moments and in the hard ones. Choose love over anger. Choose love over bitterness. Choose love.

I choose to speak life.

When we are tired, life is hard, or our emotions are on edge, our words can reflect our frustrations. We start mumbling and complaining. We start to lose sight of what matters most. Before you know it, you are complaining about the job you prayed for. You speak unkindly to yourself and to the ones you love.

Instead, make up your mind today to speak life. Speak words of encouragement to yourself, your spouse, your children, about your job and about the situations in your life. Even though you feel the ache, praise God. Even though the kids have been arguing ALL day, praise God. Even though you have asked your husband to clean up his side of the room three times this week and it is still messy, praise God. When we choose to speak life, we choose to focus on the goodness of God and not situations or people.

I choose faith over fear.

Each day we have a choice. Will I face the moments of my day allowing faith to grow my heart or allow fear to take my heart captive? Thoughts that run rampant. Will it sell? What about the results? Will anyone show up? What if I fail? What if I don’t get the promotion? How will I pay my bills? Thoughts after thoughts after thoughts. The decision to choose fear over faith says, these thoughts will not consume me. We step out in faith trusting in God’s capable hands letting go of the stress, the anxiety, and the worry. We get to choose to feed our faith or feed our fear. It’s up to you.

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32 comments on “Speak Life: 3 daily affirmations to start your day with hope

  1. I love all three of these affirmations. I believe that we each have the power to change out outcome for the better. It starts with our attitude.

  2. What a great way to begin each day!

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Do you have any ways you start your day in a positive way?

  3. Mamie, Thank you for these three affirmations to start the day. Over the last year I have been waking up and saying the affirmation, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and give thanks.” But i like the three affirmations you have suggested and will now use them in addition to the one I have been using. I love that each affirmation has the word “choose” in it. So much of our life is about how we choose to approach it and the things we say to ourselves.

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Yes Anne! There is something about making a intentional choice to speak life. We get to do it!

  4. Yes these are what I need to start my day with! faith and forgiveness are sure to help my heart

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Yes it does!! Helps us to talk nicer to others and ourselves.

  5. This is so timely. We don’t realize just how important what we say is. Some mornings I wake up full or joy and others I’m crabby.

    • Mamie L. Pack

      Me too Natalie!!! I have to make a choice. Some days are definitely better than others.

  6. These are beautiful! Thanks!

  7. Beautiful! Thanks girl ❣️

  8. I absolutely love these!! Speaking positive things over yourself is SO powerful! My blog post was on speaking positive about yourself as well this week! So cool to see 2 different perspectives on the same thing!

    Feel free to check it out if you’d like!

  9. I love these! I try to start my mornings in prayer and thanking the Lord for waking me and think of all I have to be thankful for and usually it sets the tone right for the day! Great post!

    • Mamie L. Pack

      I focus on gratitude in the mornings well. Helps to keep you focused!

  10. I love these. I am a huge believer in affirmations.

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  12. Wow this was an amazing read!!! I am a huge believer in affirmations and I’ve personally seen them change my family’s life tremendously. I’m a homeschool mom and i have my kids say a affirmations before school starts.

  13. Great reminder to watch my attitude every morning.

  14. Modern Moms Club

    I love this! Affirmations is EVERYTHING! I believe they are key to a mentally and emotionally healthy life.

  15. Awesome! Love the positivity! I have started doing positive affirmations with our 2 baby girls under 2 first thing in the morning and right before bed. “I am love” is the first on the list!

  16. susanhomeschooling

    We all need to change our negative mindset to a positive one. These are great!

  17. All our good. I especially like the last one! I let my anxieties and tasks and worries get the best of me sometimes. Another affirmation I try to say is I will enjoy my day. I think God loves it when we delight in the lives and blessings he has give us.

  18. I love this! It’s easy to forget the power of the words we speak to ourselves. I needed this right now, and will definitely be applying these affirmations in my own life.

  19. Carmen Brown

    I am very big on speaking life. Especially when it comes to my marriage, my kids life, and in prayer but reading how waking up without complaints did convict me. Just a few hours ago I opened my eyes and complained how late I woke up and the kids was going to interrupt my alone time. Im definitely going to work on that part now!

    • Mamie L. Pack

      It’s great you were able to recognize that Carmen. Speaking life is so important.

  20. jkpfeifer2

    Thank you for these affirmations and the reminder to start our days with hope!

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